The <properties> Element

The <properties> element is used to specify an external properties file for use in the parsing of the configuration. Any attribute in the configuration will accept a property in the form ${property}. The specified properties file will be searched for a matching value and the matching value will be substituted. The properties file is of the normal format for a Java properties file.

If there are name collisions between a property specified here and a system property, the system property will win.

The <properties> element is a child element of the <generatorConfiguration> element.

Required Attributes

One, and only one, of the following attributes is required.

Attribute Description
resource The qualified name of the property file. When specifying the resource, the classpath will be searched for the properties file. So a file specified as com/myproject/ must exist in the com.myproject package.
url A URL value to use for the property file. This can be used to specify a property file in a specific place on the file system when used in a form like file:///C:/myfolder/

Optional Attributes


Child Elements