The <except> Element

The <except> element is used to specify an exception to a set of columns that are ignored by a regular expression in a <ignoreColumnsByRegex> element. This allows you to specify a very general regular expression to ignore a large set of columns, then add columns back into the set of columns used for code generation.

For example, if you specify a regular expression like ".*" then MBG will ignore every column in a table. But if you add exceptions, you can add a few columns back. This element is an optional child element of the <ignoreColumnsByRegex> element.

Required Attributes

Attribute Description
column The column name of the exception column.

Optional Attributes

Attribute Description
delimitedColumnName If true then MBG will perform a case-sensitive exact match when matching against returned columns from the database. If false (default) then the name is considered case-insensitive.

Child Elements