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ClassPathMapperScanner A ClassPathBeanDefinitionScanner that registers Mappers by basePackage, annotationClass, or markerInterface


MapperFactoryBean<T> BeanFactory that enables injection of MyBatis mapper interfaces. 
MapperScan Use this annotation to register MyBatis mapper interfaces when using Java Config. 
MapperScannerBeanDefinitionParser A {#code BeanDefinitionParser} that handles the element scan of the MyBatis. 
MapperScannerConfigurer BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor that searches recursively starting from a base package for interfaces and registers them as MapperFactoryBean
MapperScannerRegistrar A ImportBeanDefinitionRegistrar to allow annotation configuration of MyBatis mapper scanning. 
MyBatisBatchItemWriter<T> ItemWriter that uses the batching features from SqlSessionTemplate to execute a batch of statements for all items provided. 
MyBatisExceptionTranslator Default exception translator. 
MyBatisPagingItemReader<T> org.springframework.batch.item.ItemReader for reading database records using MyBatis in a paging fashion. 
MyBatisSystemException MyBatis specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for MyBatis system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions. 


NamespaceHandler Namespace handler for the MyBatis namespace. 


SpringManagedTransaction SpringManagedTransaction handles the lifecycle of a JDBC connection. 
SpringManagedTransactionFactory Creates a SpringManagedTransaction
SqlSessionDaoSupport Convenient super class for MyBatis SqlSession data access objects. 
SqlSessionFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates an MyBatis SqlSessionFactory
SqlSessionHolder Used to keep current SqlSession in TransactionSynchronizationManager
SqlSessionTemplate Thread safe, Spring managed, SqlSession that works with Spring transaction management to ensure that that the actual SqlSession used is the one associated with the current Spring transaction. 
SqlSessionUtils Handles MyBatis SqlSession life cycle.