Class ArrayUtil


public class ArrayUtil extends Object
Provides hashCode, equals and toString methods that can handle array.
  • Method Details

    • hashCode

      public static int hashCode(Object obj)
      Returns a hash code for obj.
      obj - The object to get a hash code for. May be an array or null.
      A hash code of obj or 0 if obj is null
    • equals

      public static boolean equals(Object thisObj, Object thatObj)
      Compares two objects. Returns true if
      • thisObj and thatObj are both null
      • thisObj and thatObj are instances of the same type and Object.equals(Object) returns true
      • thisObj and thatObj are arrays with the same component type and equals() method of Arrays returns true (not deepEquals())
      thisObj - The left hand object to compare. May be an array or null
      thatObj - The right hand object to compare. May be an array or null
      true if two objects are equal; false otherwise.
    • toString

      public static String toString(Object obj)
      If the obj is an array, toString() method of Arrays is called. Otherwise Object.toString() is called. Returns "null" if obj is null.
      obj - An object. May be an array or null.
      String representation of the obj.