Class BoundSql


public class BoundSql extends Object
An actual SQL String got from an SqlSource after having processed any dynamic content. The SQL may have SQL placeholders "?" and a list (ordered) of a parameter mappings with the additional information for each parameter (at least the property name of the input object to read the value from).

Can also have additional parameters that are created by the dynamic language (for loops, bind...).

Clinton Begin
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  • Method Details

    • getSql

      public String getSql()
    • getParameterMappings

      public List<ParameterMapping> getParameterMappings()
    • getParameterObject

      public Object getParameterObject()
    • hasAdditionalParameter

      public boolean hasAdditionalParameter(String name)
    • setAdditionalParameter

      public void setAdditionalParameter(String name, Object value)
    • getAdditionalParameter

      public Object getAdditionalParameter(String name)
    • getAdditionalParameters

      public Map<String,Object> getAdditionalParameters()