Class JBoss6VFS


public class JBoss6VFS extends VFS
A JBoss6VFS.VFS implementation that works with the VFS API provided by JBoss 6.
Ben Gunter
  • Constructor Details

    • JBoss6VFS

      public JBoss6VFS()
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      protected static void initialize()
      Find all the classes and methods that are required to access the JBoss 6 VFS.
    • checkNotNull

      protected static <T> T checkNotNull(T object)
      Verifies that the provided object reference is null. If it is null, then this VFS is marked as invalid for the current environment.
      Type Parameters:
      T - the generic type
      object - The object reference to check for null.
      the t
    • checkReturnType

      protected static void checkReturnType(Method method, Class<?> expected)
      Verifies that the return type of method is what it is expected to be. If it is not, then this VFS is marked as invalid for the current environment.
      method - The method whose return type is to be checked.
      expected - A type to which the method's return type must be assignable.
      See Also:
    • setInvalid

      protected static void setInvalid()
      Mark this JBoss6VFS.VFS as invalid for the current environment.
    • isValid

      public boolean isValid()
      Description copied from class: VFS
      Return true if the VFS implementation is valid for the current environment.
      Specified by:
      isValid in class VFS
      true, if is valid
    • list

      public List<String> list(URL url, String path) throws IOException
      Description copied from class: VFS
      Recursively list the full resource path of all the resources that are children of the resource identified by a URL.
      Specified by:
      list in class VFS
      url - The URL that identifies the resource to list.
      path - The path to the resource that is identified by the URL. Generally, this is the value passed to VFS.getResources(String) to get the resource URL.
      A list containing the names of the child resources.
      IOException - If I/O errors occur