Utilities to read resources.


ResolverUtil.Test A simple interface that specifies how to test classes to determine if they are to be included in the results produced by the ResolverUtil. 


ClassLoaderWrapper A class to wrap access to multiple class loaders making them work as one 
DefaultVFS A default implementation of VFS that works for most application servers. 
JBoss6VFS A VFS implementation that works with the VFS API provided by JBoss 6. 

ResolverUtil is used to locate classes that are available in the/a class path and meet arbitrary conditions. 

ResolverUtil.AnnotatedWith A Test that checks to see if each class is annotated with a specific annotation. 
ResolverUtil.IsA A Test that checks to see if each class is assignable to the provided class. 
Resources A class to simplify access to resources through the classloader. 
VFS Provides a very simple API for accessing resources within an application server.