public interface


implements Closeable Iterable<T>
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Class Overview

Cursor contract to handle fetching items lazily using an Iterator. Cursors are a perfect fit to handle millions of items queries that would not normally fits in memory. Cursor SQL queries must be ordered (resultOrdered="true") using the id columns of the resultMap.


Public Methods
abstract int getCurrentIndex()
Get the current item index.
abstract boolean isConsumed()
abstract boolean isOpen()
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From interface java.lang.AutoCloseable
From interface java.lang.Iterable

Public Methods

public abstract int getCurrentIndex ()

Get the current item index. The first item has the index 0.

  • -1 if the first cursor item has not been retrieved. The index of the current item retrieved.

public abstract boolean isConsumed ()

  • true if the cursor is fully consumed and has returned all elements matching the query.

public abstract boolean isOpen ()

  • true if the cursor has started to fetch items from database.