Class BatchExecutorException

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public class BatchExecutorException extends ExecutorException
This exception is thrown if a java.sql.BatchUpdateException is caught during the execution of any nested batch. The exception contains the java.sql.BatchUpdateException that is the root cause, as well as the results from any prior nested batch that executed successfully.
Jeff Butler
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    • getBatchUpdateException

      public BatchUpdateException getBatchUpdateException()
      Returns the BatchUpdateException that caused the nested executor to fail. That exception contains an array of row counts that can be used to determine exactly which statement of the executor caused the failure (or failures).
      the root BatchUpdateException
    • getSuccessfulBatchResults

      public List<BatchResult> getSuccessfulBatchResults()
      Returns a list of BatchResult objects. There will be one entry in the list for each successful sub-executor executed before the failing executor.
      the previously successful executor results (maybe an empty list if no executor has executed successfully)
    • getFailingSqlStatement

      public String getFailingSqlStatement()
      Returns the SQL statement that caused the failure (not the parameterArray).
      the failing SQL string
    • getFailingStatementId

      public String getFailingStatementId()
      Returns the statement id of the statement that caused the failure.
      the statement id