Sample Code

You can check out sample code from the MyBatis repository on Github.

Any of the samples can be run with JUnit 4.

The sample code shows a typical design where a transactional service gets domain objects from a data access layer.

The service is composed by an interface and an implementation This service is transactional so a transaction is started when its method is called and commited when the method ends without throwing a unchecked exception.

public class FooServiceMapperImpl implements FooService {

    private UserMapper userMapper;

    public User doSomeBusinessStuff(String userId) {
        return this.userMapper.getUser(userId);

Notice that transactional behaviour is configured with the @Transactional annotation.

This service calls a data access layer built with MyBatis. This layer is composed by a MyBatis mapper interface and a DAO composed by its interface and its implementation

The database access layer has been implemented using a mapper and a Dao that internally uses a SqlSession.

Sample test classes
Sample test Description
SampleBasicTest Shows you the recommended and simplest configuration based on a mapper.
SampleSqlSessionTest Shows how to hand code a DAO using a managed SqlSession

Please have a look and run the sample code to see MyBatis-Guice in action.